Domain name modification steps

Modifying domain names is one of the main services provided by SaudiNIC, it allows the authorized person to request changes to some of the domain name information, these steps are not used to modify the registrant name or information since there is a dedicated procedure for that Registrant identity update steps .

All users requesting this service implicitly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.

This service can only be started from the users accounts, the  account holder must first sign up for an account in SaudiNIC website, that can be done by following the Steps for creating an account. After doing so and successfully activating the account,  account holders can start the steps of this service.

The following is a brief explanation of this service steps :

1- Filling up the service form

The first step in the domain modification procedure is to fill the service form were the updated information are gathered, the form must be filed correctly and all errors must be correct prior to submission .

2- Uploading the documents

These steps will only occur if “Extra Verification Service” is enabled for the domain name under modification. The account holder is requested to upload documents used to support the request and to provide a proof for the accuracy of the information. Submitting those documents is done by uploading them directly by the account holder using a special form, the documents must be uploaded in the proper electronic format, allowed formats are : (png - jpg - gif - Tiff - PDF version 1.4 and earlier ) .

The request letter must be stamped by the chamber of commerce ( in case of local companies ) or one of the Saudi embassies ( in the case of international companies ) .

3- Preparing the domain name hosting

If the modification request includes changing one or more domain name servers, the new servers must host the domain correctly. The domain hosting will be checked automatically. If the result is only warning, then the account holder and the Administrative Contact will be informed about that and the request will move to the next step. However, if the result contains a major error then the request will not pass this step. The account holder will be given the chance to correct the problem and verify the hosting using the hosting check tool provided in SaudiNIC website or any tool similar tools.

Notice: If there are other domain names that are using name servers whose names are derived from your domain name ( under modification), Then you need to make sure that those domain names will not be adversely affected by this modification.

4- Review and confirm the request

The entire request information are displayed to the account holder in order to review them and confirm their accuracy and correctness, he/she can delete the request at this stage if needed.

5- Administrative Contact approval

The Adminstrative Contact must approve the request , a link to the request information form will be sent to his/her email address, he/she will be asked to approve the request, send his/her comments to the account holder or if needed he/she can reject the request entirely. Account holder must coordinate with the Administrative Contact regarding this step and ensure that he/she have all the needed information to be able to take his/her decision .

Note: If “Extra Verification Service” is disabled for the domain name under modification then the modification request will be implemented automatically and simultaneously.

6- Processing the request by SaudiNIC

Note: This steps will only occur if “Extra Verification Service” is enabled for the domain name under modification.

After successfully completing all the previous steps the request is officially considered to be received by SaudiNIC. After that the processing procedure will start. The results of processing the request will be one of the following :

  1. if the request is accepted, the domain will be modified and concerned parties are notified.
  2. if the request is rejected, concerned parties will be notified with the reason and the account holder can apply again after solving the problems.


- In the case of changing the administrative contact where the current admin is unreachable, the Nominating a new admin steps must be followed.
- In the case of modifying the registrant name or information, the Registrant identity update steps must be followed.
- In the case of completely changing the registrant, the Domain name transfer steps must be followed.
- In the case of request cancelation, all the concerned parties are notified.
- In case Administrative Contact did not receive the activation message, the account holder can request resending it again.
- The request is only considered to be received by SaudiNIC after the Administrative Contact approves it, otherwise it will not be considered to be received and will remains pending.
- Pending requests are rejected automatically after one week.
- All the correspondence regarding the request are sent to the account holder and the Administrative Contact.