Electronic Tickets services

Electronic tickets is one of the main communication channels between SaudiNIC and its clients, this service allow the users who already have active accounts to inquire about their requests or send complaints or suggestions by opening a ticket with their message, SaudiNIC staff will respond to those tickets and clients can later follow up or comment and get more responses until the issue is resolved and the ticket closed.

All the users requesting this service implicitly confirms their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations and the Terms and conditions of using SaudiNIC's portal published in SaudiNIC's website.

It is recommended to start this service from the user account, accounts can be created by following the ( Steps for creating an account ). after doing so and successfully activating the account,  account holders can start the steps of this service. in case the applicant doesn't have an account ( or he is facing trouble logging to his account ) he can use the direct form available on SaudiNIC's website.

To follow is a list of this service steps :

1- Filling up the (new ticket ) form

The first step in the procedure of opening a ticket is to fill the service form, the form must be filed correctly and all errors must be corrected prior to submission .

2- Processing the request by SaudiNIC

SaudiNIC staff will respond to the opened tickets, an email message with the response will be sent to the clients, they can also reach those responses from their account's interface, client can also request more information or comment on SaudiNIC's replies by filling the follow up form. After finishing the request the tickets are closed.


- After any reply from SaudiNIC side, the ticket is kept open for 7 days, then it will be automatically closed if the client did not send any more comments .