Steps for generating a domain name authorization key

This service allows Administrative Contacts (who have domain names registered with SaudiNIC) to create the authorization key related to their domain names. The authorization key is an automatically generated code sent upon request to the Administrative Contact’s e-mail address so he/she can execute a number of critical operation related to domain names (such as the transfer of a domain name or fetching of a domain name to an account). Obtaining it is a prerequisite for some services.

All users requesting this service implicitly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.

This service can be started from outside the accounts.

The following is a brief explanation of this service steps :

1- Filling up the service form

The first step in generating the authorization key is to fill the service form where the domain and the requested action that needs the authorization key are specified. The form must be filed correctly and error-free prior to submission.

If the client requested a key for a single domain name then the authorization key is generated automatically and sent to the Administrative Contact email and no more steps are needed (the request is complete). However, if the client request a key for multiple domain names then a message will be sent to the Administrative contact email containing a link that list the domain names associated with the Administrative contact email address (need to complete the following steps).

2- Choosing Domain Names

The Administrative Contact need to choose the domain names so a key can be generate for the required service request, Please choose only the appropriate domain names, The request can be delete at this stage if needed.

3- Review and confirm the request

The entire request information are displayed to the Administrative Contact in order to review them and confirm their accuracy and correctness, he/she can delete the request at this stage if needed.

After finishing the above steps, the authorization key is generated automatically and is sent to Administrative Contact email.


- The Authorization key remains valid for one week starting from the moment it gets generated, then it expires. It can be used only once.