Additional Verification Service


The Administrative contact approval is a must before implementing any service request that will modify a domain name information. The Administrative contact will receive an email with a link that will enable him/her to view and accept the submitted modification request before it is implemented automatically and simultaneously.

For the sake of providing added-value services to its customers which have sensitive/important sites (including for examples, but not limited to, financial institutions, banks and companies trading in shares and Internet service providers, airlines ..etc), SaudiNIC provides an optional service that will put in additional manual verification to the requests. This service will require extra human verification done by SaudiNIC's staff for any modification request before implementing it through requesting an extra supporting letter (and/or other official documents) to be attached with the modification request.

How to Activate it?

This service can be activated during a domain name registration process or while submitting modification request by filling your choice in the corresponding field in the registration/modification form.

How to Deactivate it?

The service can be canceled at any time by filling the corresponding field in the modification form. You will need to attach a letter (formal stamped and authorized) along with the modification request to deactivate the service.