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Registration Services

Government Agencies

Registering new domains is done only from the Digital Government Authority.

Digital Government Authority

Non-government (Individuals, organizations, companies, non-profits, etc.)

Registering new domains will be only via licensied registrars.

List of licensied registrars.


As a part of its mandate, SaudiNIC prepared a complete list of regulation, rule, and guideline documents that cover all aspects of the services. These documents represent the bases for all the services provided by SaudiNIC

All regulations are legality binding for all SaudiNIC clients. Regulation and policy are developed and updated according to a well-defined Policy Development Process.



The Registry-Registrar model is one of the universal practices in the field of domain names. It allows Licensed Registrars to provide domain name registration services. Licensed Registrars bundle domain registration services with various other add-on services (e.g. hosting, email, and other important services) and provide them to end-users (Registrants). This allows Registrants to manage everything related to domain names via a single platform, as well as receive continuous customer support.

The delegation and licening the registrar to adheres to the registrar regulations

Support & Help

SaudiNIC provides technical support and answers customer inquiries via multiple channels, and you can contact us using the following methods:

Contact Us

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    Saudi Network Information Centre,

    General directorate of Internet services

    Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST)

    P. O. Box 75606, Riyadh 11588

    Saudi Arabia.


    Phone : +966-11-4619488

    CST customer care number

    Phone: ​​19966

    Office hours

    From Sunday to Thursday,

    From 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Riyadh time GMT+3).

    Office location

    Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) building, (Alnakheel).

Technical Tools

If you are a user or a developer you might need some domain name tools. We developed and published a number of them such as SaudiNIC Whois, Host checking tool and more.

Domain Tools

  • DNSSEC Tools

    A number of tools to test and validate DNSSEC activation

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  • Domain Inquiry (whois)


    This tool is used to get the public information of a registered domain name

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  • Address Resolving Tool

    You can use this tool to resolve any given host name to its corresponding IP address, and it will also resolve any given IP to the corresponding hostname

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  • Arabic Domain Names Converting Tool

    This tool converts the submitted IDN (Arabic) domain name to it's ASCII (punycode) representation and vice versa

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  • Hosting check Tool

    This tool is used to test the domain name hosting. Correct hosting is a requirement for any domain to work

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Secure Your Domain

We ensure to continously make our systems up-to-date with modern security international standards, such as adopting DNSSEC in Saudi domain names


Some benefits of activating DNSSEC:

  • providing a mechanism to verify the source of information, and its validity
  • validating the existence or nonexistence of information
  • DNS security protection of known attacks, e.g., man in the middle attack or cache poisoning

Arabic Domains

Arabic domain names works in exactly the same way as the normal domain names, with the clear difference that they are written in Arabic, they can be used in all the applications and services specially in web browsing. The main idea behind the Internationalized domain names is the utilization of the ( punycode ) representation. Domain names are handled in ASCII within the DNS system while they are represented to users in Arabic or any other language.

SaudiNIC provides top-level Arabic domain (.السعودية) registration. To learn more, see register domain name service guide to know how to register an Arabic domain.

Service Statistics

SaudiNIC provides statistics for domain registrations per second-level domain, as well as full statistics for domain registration since 1995

Service Statistics

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    Total registered domains

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    Total domains with DNSSEC activated

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