• Domain name services guides

Domain name services guides

  • Domain name registration steps

    Domain names registration is one of the main services offered by SaudiNIC, it defines the procedure and the steps needed to register a domain name under the Saudi ccTLDs
    (السعودية. and .sa ) .

  • Domain name modification steps

    Modifying domain names is one of the main services provided by SaudiNIC, it allows the authorized person to request changes to some of the domain name information, theses steps are not used to modify the registrant name or information since there is a dedicated procedure for that Registrant identity update steps .

  • Steps for fetching a domain name

    After SaudiNIC introduced the users accounts all the registrations must be done only through them, but domains that have been registered prior to that were not associated with any account yet, the steps explained here is the procedure used to fetch domains to their registrant's accounts along with all the privileges over them.

  • Steps to Enable DNSSEC for a Domain Name

    DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is a protocol that adds an additional layer of security measures to Domain Name System (DNS). It allows registrants to secure their domains by digitally signing the zone to facilitate the domain resolvers validate that signature. For more information about DNSSEC, visit the following site (www.dnssec.sa).

    This service will allow a registrant to enable DNSSEC for his/her Saudi Domain Names.

  • Additional Verification Service

    For the sake of providing added-value services to its customers which have sensitive/important sites, SaudiNIC provides an optional service that will put in additional manual verification to the requests

  • Renew Domain Information Steps

    Renew Domain Information helps SaudiNIC maintain an accurate and updated domain names information by displaying the domain information to the admin contact to review, and then decide wither to update those information or keep them if they are still valid.  If for any reason the domain information are not updated, the registration then is subject to the terms and conditions of Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.

  • Steps for Sending additional information and documents to SaudiNIC

    This procedure allow the Administrative Contact (based on a request from SaudiNIC) to send additional required information and documents to SaudiNIC related to a registered domain name These additional information and documentations must be provided within the time period determined by SaudiNIC and according to the means of communication or format specified by SaudiNIC.

  • Steps for Submitting An Exemption Request From The Reserved List

    SaudiNIC maintains and manages the reserved list of domain names. Reserved domains are domains that may include but not limited to domain names that are numerical, geographical, names of religions, names contain words that are obscene, scandalous, indecent, abusive, racist, or contrary to Saudi Arabia law or Islamic morality, or name considered by SaudiNIC as undesirable or contrary to the public interest or otherwise unsuitable for registration. Such domains should not be registered in a normal way, if the applicant (entity) climes that it has a justification for the registration, then it should follow a special procedure in order to register such domains

  • Steps for managing the domain variants

    This service aims to give the domain registrant the capabilities to use domain names which are visually look identical to their already registered domain names using the ( GVT and Emlaa) codes. These domains are reserved for the original domain holder with the possibility of activating some of them at anytime which will prevent others from registering them and hence prevents phishing or other attacks .

  • Steps of registering a domain exempted from the reserved list

    SaudiNIC maintains and manages the list of reserved domains. Reserved domains are domain names that contain words with some specific meanings that should not be registered in the normal procedure, they can only be registered through a special procedure.

  • Domain name transfer steps

    Domain name transfer is one of the services offered by SaudiNIC, the main goal of that service is to transfer a domain name along with all of its privileges from one registrant to another.

  • Domain name deletion steps

    This service allows the registrants to delete domain names, deletion means removing the delegation and making the domain available for registration by others after a random period of time,

  • Updating registrant identity and administrative contact steps

    Changing the identity of a registrant is one of the services provided by SaudiNIC, it allow the registrant of a domain name to request changes or modifications to his/her name that may result from changing the entity name or merges between different organizations or other similar activates. This is not considered to be a transfer since the entity did not actually change, the only thing changed is the name. to completely changing the registrant there is another procedure Domain transfer steps .

  • Steps for Communication Via Electronic Tickets

    Electronic tickets is one of the main communication channels between SaudiNIC and its clients, this service allow the users who already have active accounts to inquire about their requests or send complaints or suggestions by opening a ticket with their message, SaudiNIC staff will respond to those tickets and clients can later follow up or comment and get more responses until the issue is resolved and the ticket closed.