Be ready for the DNS flag day


Friday, 1st February 2019, is the DNS Flag day. Major open source DNS developers (such as BIND, PowerDNS, Knot and Unbound) agreed to coordinate removing accommodations for non-compliant DNS implementations from their software or services. This change will affect authoritative servers which do not comply either with the original DNS standard (RFC1035) or the newer EDNS standards (RFC2671 and RFC6891). Therefore, it is essential for all DNS servers, whether authoritative or resolvers, to be ensured that they all operate in compliance with EDNS so that their services or their associated customers' services are not subject to disruption. It is also crucial to ensure that other DNS-related solutions support EDNS such as:

(DNS load balancer) (DNS protection) (DNS appliance) (Firewall/Router rules) SaudiNIC confirms that all its servers and systems are compatible with the new versions of the DNS Protocol (EDNS). For more information about the DNS flag day: You can test your DNS servers using the following tools: