CITC Announces Accreditation of Registrars to Provide Saudi Domain Name registration services


The Communications and Information Technology Commission (“CITC”) announced today the results of accrediting registrars to provide Saudi domain name registration services, which resulted in the accreditation of: Arabian Internet and Communications Services Co. Ltd. (Solutions by STC), NourNet Company, Sahara Net Co. Ltd., Raqmiyat Net Information Technology Corporation, and Hawsabah Company for Information Technology as registrars to provide Saudi domain names registration survives after they fulfill the approved requirements and regulations.

CITC stated that the accreditation of: Raqmiyat Net Information Technology Corporation and the Hawsabah Company for Information Technology came within the qualification path launched earlier in partnership with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises ("Monshaat") to support and enable a number of small and medium enterprises and to accredit them as registrars for Saudi domain names registration services.

This step is part of CITC's efforts to develop the Saudi domain name registration ecosystem in line with the accelerated steps in the digital transformation of the government and private business environment in the Kingdom, and the promotion of investment in hosting and electronic services, in addition to the localization of expertise in Internet and domain name registration services. This also aims at creating a market for Saudi domain names and associated services, enhancing the contribution of the information technology sector to the country’s GDP, in addition to providing multiple options for the registrant through the ability to choose the appropriate registrar based on the quality and price of provided services, and level of technical support services.

CITC said that accredited registrars will start providing Saudi domain name registration services within the next two weeks. These services will include: Registering domain names, modifying registration information, marketing for Saudi domain names, in addition to providing technical support to customers, providing electronic payment channels, as well as providing additional services such as: (hosting - email - electronic stores).

CITC also renewed its call for all current registrants - except for government agencies - to initiate the transfer of their Saudi domain names to one of the accredited registrars before the end of December 2021, in order to avoid canceling the registration after the end of the set period. The transfer mechanism can be viewed by visiting CITC’s Saudi Network Information Center portal via the following link: ( or (سجل.السعودية).