CITC Prompts Saudi Domain Name Registrants to Update Registration Data


CITC today has prompted Saudi domain name registrants to update the registration data, as well as the administrative contact data. This is done to ensure that all notices and announcements will be received by the registrants, particularly, for the preparation of launching accredited registrars in the beginning of February 2021.

CITC has explained that the adoption of the registry-registrar model will contribute to the improvement of domain registration services, as well as allow for providing add-on services such as hosting, email, etc. via a single platform, which includes technical support. Additionally, this model will offer registrants the options to choose a registrar based on prices, quality of services, and the level of technical support provided.

CITC has stated that all registrants (except government agencies) must transfer their domains to the accredited registrars as soon as their services are launched. The transfer process will be completely electronic which will be announced at a later stage. All registrants will be given a deadline to complete the transfer process, which should finish before the end of December 2021. After the deadline, all domains that have not been transferred will be canceled and deleted.

The launch of registrars for Saudi domain names (ending in .sa or .السعودية) has come after the update of Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation, and the launch of the first phase for accrediting registrars. This is to improve Saudi domain registration services, and apply the best international practices in the field of domain names.