CITC Signs Agreement with "Monshaat" to Enable Small and Medium Enterprises to Become Accredited Registrars for Saudi Domain Names


CITC has signed a cooperation agreement with the (General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises) to create a separate track with the goal to enable and encourage small and medium enterprises to apply for Saudi Domain Name Registrar Accreditation. The enablement in this track will be handled be Monshaat, while CITC will handle providing technical support. The agreement includes: the exemption of enterprises from some of the application requirements; training and technical support required for interfacing with domain registration systems; providing information on innovative services; facilitate participation in international forums; as well as providing financial, moral, and logistical support. CITC earlier this month launched the first application phase for becoming an accredited registrar for Saudi domain names, and allowed the private sector to apply to receive the accreditation after ensuring compliance with regulations and application requirements as detailed on SaudiNIC website (