Communications and Information Technology Commission Reaffirms Deadline for Transferring Saudi Domain Names


The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) renewed its instructions to all users registered under Saudi domains (ending in .sa or .السعودية) with Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC) to transfer their domain names to an accredited registrar before the December 31 deadline in order to avoid cancellation.

CITC noted this announcement was part of the launch of Phase I of the Registrar Accreditation for Saudi Domain Names announced last February. Five registrars have been accredited to provide domain name services in Saudi Arabia. They can be found through link. CITC noted that the domain names transfer process done electronically in accordance with previously announced procedures. The process should not have any impact on the functioning of the domains or on any of the services associated with them.

CITC noted that failure to complete the transfer process by the end of the transition period will result in canceling the domain name registeration and making it available to the public for registration. Direct registration and modify domain name information services through SaudiNIC have been discountinue. Per the transition period plan, these services are now only available to non-government organizations and individuals through accredited registrars and to government agencies through the Digital Government Authority. For further information, please click on link

As the agency in charge of regulating and overseeing Saudi domain names, CITC is seeking to develop Saudi domain name registration services and implement best international practices in domain names through the accreditation of registrars. This will also empower the private sector in the area of domain names and services associated with them.