CITC launched the first application phase of accrediting registrars for Saudi domain names


CITC launched the first application phase of accrediting registrars for Saudi domain names. This will give entities from the private sector the chance to obtain accreditation as an official Registrar to provide Saudi domain name registration services in the Kingdom. CITC invites all those who wish to obtain accreditation as a Registrar to fulfill the regulatory requirements described in the official website of SaudiNIC ( and to submit their request using the form designated for that during the application period from (10-18-1441H - 10/6-2020 AD) until (12-1-1442 AH - 8-31-2020 AD). The regulation includes a set of administrative and regulatory requirements, among them: the applicant must provide a detailed proposal explaining the technical plan for interfacing with the registration systems, the mechanism for providing registration services to the end-user, the marketing plan for Registration services, the technical support services, in addition to fulfilling the technical requirements. CITC has ensured that all registration services are provided by accredited Registrars and to all registrants with the same terms and conditions; this contributes to providing a competitive environment characterized by the highest standards of fairness and transparency. The adoption of Registrars will allow one stop shop where domain registration services are bundled with various other add-on services (e.g. hosting, email, and other important services). Additionally, end users (registrants) will get 24h customer care as well as there will be marketing to Saudi domain locally and internationally. CITC always seeks to improve the Saudi domain name business environment in the Kingdom as it is one of the national resources. It must be consistent with the accelerating improvements towards the digital transformation of the government and private sector environments in the Kingdom. Furthermore it should pursuit toward a high