SaudiNIC Succeedes in the 1st KSK rolloverLevel Domain Association


After more than a year from activating DNSSEC for Saudi domain names under the Saudi TLDs (.sa ,.السعودية), SaudiNIC (part of CITC) performed a successfully KSK rollover, which is used to protect the Saudi domain space infrastructure.

The KSK rollover was done for the Arabic TLD (.السعودية) on Tuesday 12-10-1439H (26-6-2018), and for (.sa) on Thursday 14-10-1439H (28-6-2018).

This was the first time to do KSK rollover which is planned to do it annually. It is worth to mention that Saudi Arabia is the first GCC country to enable DNSSEC in its domain names space in Ramadan - 1438H (corresponding to 22 - June - 2017).

For more information about DNSSEC, please visit the following link: