What are the prohibited activities related to the Saudi domain names?

The Saudi domain name regulation defined a number of activities associated with the domain names that are considered to be prohibited and if committed by the registrant will cause the suspension or deletion of the domain name. For examples,  a registrant may not register, use, or maintain a domain name, nor submit any Service Request related to it as a mean to do or to support any of the following activities:

  1. Reselling or renting the domain name
  2. Domain name warehousing.
  3. Cyber-squatting or phishing other websites and services
  4. Acquiring fraudulently personal or confidential information or other means of identification
  5. Spamming or sending malicious e-mails
  6. Hosting or distributing malware
  7. Hijacking domain names
  8. Cracking systems and networks, or perform denial of service attacks
  9. Activities or content against the Islamic religion or Saudi laws and regulations (e.g., pornography, illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling and intellectual property piracy)
  10. Activities classified as information crimes according to the pertinent regulations
  11. Activities that are in violation of This Regulation or any SaudiNIC regulations and procedures.
SaudiNIC may add additional prohibited activities. In that case, it will be posted on SaudiNIC website., for updates please refer to SaudiNIC’s website.