Releasing a new version of the registration regulations

As a part of the continues effort to develop and enhance the services provided for the local domain names (domain names that end with .sa or .السعودية), SaudiNIC - part of the CITC- has published the latest domain name registration regulation for Saudi ccTLD (.sa). It represents version 2.0. The new regulation included several important changes which made it that most important version of the regulations since the beginning of domain registration service in Saudi Arabia. The regulations development is a continuous process that follows a certain procedure defined in the (Policy Development Process) published on SaudiNIC website. The PDP process begins by defining the required changes and prioritizing them. Then preparing a report of the important changes which get published for public consultation. Final reports get prepared and presented to the management committee of CITC. Lastly, the final documents get presented to the CITC board for final approval.