New enhancements in SaudiNIC’s e-services portal

As part of the continues effort toward enhancing all aspects of the local domain names registration services, SaudiNIC has recently added more services to the users accounts on the e-services portal, the new services will allow the account holders to personally perform many services . The new enhancements is an addition to the set of online services that were available before . to follow is a list of the services that become available now in the user accounts :

  • Domain names registration service
  • Modifying domain name service
  • Deleting domain name service
  • Domain name transfer service
  • Changing Admin contact procedure
  • Moving domain between accounts
  • Domain transfer caused by objection
  • Managing domain name bundle service
  • Electronic tickets guide
  • Obtaining Authorization key service
  • Requesting documents from applicants
  • Appling for Arabic domain names guide
Accounts Services and procedures guides
  • How to create an account in SaudiNIC website
  • Login to an account guide
  • How to modify an account information
  • How to modify an account email address
  • How to modify an account secret question
  • Change password after forgetting it
  • Modifying the Password
The main goal of the new enhancements is to give the account holders more flexibility in performing the tasks they require .