New updates to the rules and regulations documents

As a part of the continues effort to develop and enhance the local domain names (domain names that end with .sa or .السعودية) services, SaudiNIC has recently published a number of new documents. those new documents are : Procedures for Submitting an Objection to Saudi domain names - version 1 This document is basically a walk through the objection procedure, it explains the requirements and deferent steps needed to submit a valid objection and how is it going to be handled . it comes as an extension to the latest version of the objection Rules . Guideline Rules for writing Arabic domain names - version 1.2 This document identifies all allowed code points to be used when registering a domain name within the IDN ccTLD (السعودية.), it also sets a number of guideline rules that help to write Arabic domain names correctly, taking into account issues related to the Arabic language as well as the Arabic script.