Winning first place in Motah award

CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission), represented by the general directorate of Internet services, has won the first place in Motah award 2012 in the usage branch by public and private sectors. CITC are using open source software in providing Saudi domain name services and their infrastructure. Saudi domain name is of a one of the services that are under the administration of general directorate of Internet services. The Motah award is an specialized award sponsored KACST (King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology) for the purpose of achieving the goals of the national program (Motah for Free and Open Source Technologies). The award aims to raise public awareness of the FOSS software, to raise the interest of public and private sector and the general community on the use and development of FOSS technologies, and to support and honor the intellectual creativity and technical talents of individuals and organizations in the field of FOSS in Saudi Arabia.