SaudiNIC started implementing the the process of Renew Domains Information

SaudiNIC started implementing the the process of Renew Domains Information, in the coming days and periodically, SaudiNIC will send reminders to the Administrative Contact of each domain name registered with SaudiNIC and assigned to an account. This process aims to help SaudiNIC maintain an accurate and updated domain names information by displaying the domain information to the admin contact to review, and then decide wither to update those information or keep them if they are still valid. If for any reason the domain information are not updated, the registration then is subject to the terms and conditions of Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.

This service is one of the services initiated by SaudiNIC only for the domains already associated to an account, and it restricted to certain fields, the domain it self and the registrant information cannot be updated .

The purpose is to make sure that the registration data of a registered domain name is accurate and updated in order to protect the interests of its clients in the event of dispute or objection. The Administrative Contact will have two choices: Approving that the existing registration data is accurate and updated, or performing the appropriate updates.

We would like to draw your attention that an Administrative Contac of several domain names will be received - of course - several email messages depending on the number of these domain names. He/she has to deal with each message individually and make sure to complete all the required steps for each request.

To highlight the importance of this step which will make the SaudiNIC's records up-to-date and accurate for the purpose of protecting its customers, we refer you to some items of SaudiNIC's regulations and rules. Namely, items: 4/5, 4/6, 12/2, and 20/3 of "Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation", and items 3/3 and 6/1 of "Saudi Domain Names Objection Rules".

for more information please refer to Renew domain information guide

We hope that everyone cooperate and take action to protect their interests.