Correction campaign for domains without accounts (Domain Fetching) started

Since the adoption of the user accounts back in 2010 all of our services made available only through the accounts. Nevertheless a significant number of the old domain names are still not associated with any accounts. That means the administrative contacts of those domains did not apply for any change or update since the introduction of the user accounts. Or the fact that those entities does not exist anymore. We added all of those domains to a single general account for the sake of standardizing all of our processes, but this is only a temporary solution. The registrants of those domains need to handle this issue and find a way to add their domains to accounts. Saudi NIC developed a plan to handle all the domain names that are not associated with accounts. And started the execution of that plan which strive mainly to reach the proper contacts related to those domains by any possible means and urge them to correct their domains . Failure to take action may cause suspension or deletion of the affected domain names. Then, they will be available for registration by others. Since they violates the Saudi domain names regulations (paragraphs 4/5 and 15/1 ) published in our website. The Administrative Contact takes full responsibility for that.