Second campaign for correcting outdated domain names that have not been associated with any accounts till now

SaudiNIC introduced the domain names renewal process, which requires Registrants to verify their domain name information at least once a year along with associating their domain names to an account in SaudiNIC' s portal in order to obtain domain name services (it was introduced in 16-8-2010). Nevertheless, a significant number of outdated domain names (was not updated for more than 4 years) and are still not associated with any account. Even so, SaudiNIC already contacted the registrants of these domain names (using Administrative email address) in a previous campaign (started on 1-5-2014) requesting them to correct the status of their domains. A second campaign was just launched aiming to outreach all contacts related to these domains (as a final warning) requesting them to take a corrective action on their domain names within a maximum of two months from today's date. After that SaudiNIC will accepts no liability for any action taken against these domain names, which may include deleting the registrations and making them available for registration by other parties. A Failure to correct the status of the these domains may cause the suspension or even deletion of them along with making them available for registration by others. Since these domains violates the Saudi domain names regulations (paragraphs 4/5 and 15/1 ) published in our website. Finally, SaudiNIC would like to request all registrants to ensure that their domain name information are complete, accurate and up-to-date; and their domain name is associated to an account in SaudiNIC portal. For any support please contact us through: