Raseel Project participated in the interactive demo with a number of global email systems in the last ICANN meeting in Marrakech

SaudiNIC participated in the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) workshop by presenting its experience in the development and operation of the Arabic e-mail system (Raseel pilot project – رسيل.السعودية) in addition to sharing some of the results of the periodic reports that SaudiNIC conducted about Arabic domain name support in IDNA Applications. Also in the same workshop, SaudiNIC participated (using Raseel pilot project رسيل.السعودية) in the interactive demo for testing number of e-mail systems that support the new protocol to internationalize email addresses (EAI), along with other systems: China coremail.cn, Google gmail.com and Microsoft Outlook365. Raseel succeeded in most of the tests. This is a link for the presentation: