Improving the overall spread of the Saudi ccTLD DNS servers inside the Kingdom

As a continuation of the development process of Saudi domain names (.sa & .السعودية), SaudiNIC of CITC is planning to improve the overall distribution of the Saudi ccTLD DNS servers. This includes the local distribution within the Saudi national Internet for the purpose of increasing the footprint internally and increasing the level of stability, security and reliability of Saudi domain names. Hoping that, it will contribute in advancing the quality of local user experiences as the Saudi ccTLD DNS servers will be closer to them. It is worth to mention that, currently, there are three copies of the Saudi ccTLD DNS servers within the Kingdom. Two of them are hosted in CITC networks, while the third one is hosted by the Internet Services Unit of KACST. Additionally, there are another three copies that are hosted worldwide that use Anycast technology with a total 70 or more instances for the purpose of minimizing DOS attacks. Recently, SaudiNIC has communicated with local operators for the possibility to host secondary instances of  Saudi ccTLD DNS servers. As a result, there has been some coordination with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to host a secondary server in their network. The STC secondary has been officially added as an authoritative Saudi ccTLD DNS server on  23 February 2017 under the name ( SaudiNIC is continuing its plan with other operators to host other instances of Saudi ccTLD DNS servers in their networks. Attached a figure depicts the distribution of Saudi ccTLD DNS servers around the world (7 secondary instances, 70 anycast instances) .