SaudiNIC hosts DNSSEC training and workshop in Riyadh

CITC in collaboration with RIPE, has organized and hosted some events related to DNSSEC:

  • A two-day training event on the implementation of DNSSEC during the period 7-8 / 5/2017. It was intended only for ISPs and banking sector in the Kingdom. The main objective of the training workshop was in leadership and capacity building in the field of cyber security in Saudi Arabia, which allowed participating organizations  to gain an understanding of DNSSEC and how it can be applied to their networks,  applications, and services. It has been attended by 41 trainees from 29 entities.
  • An introductory workshop on DNSSEC on Tuesday, 9/5/2017. The workshop was open to all interested parties and professionals working in the following sectors in the Kingdom: operators, ISPs , government agencies, and banking. The goal of the workshop was to introduce DNSEC, promote gaining knowledge and experience in DNSSEC, and then use it. It has been attended by more than 120 attendees.

 Both events have been accepted and appreciated by the audience.


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