Conducting DNSSEC Keys Generation Ceremony for the Saudi Domain names

As a continuation of the development process of raising the level of security in the Saudi domain names (.sa & .السعودية), SaudiNIC (part of CITC) conducted the "DNSSEC Keys Generation Ceremony for the Saudi Domain names". The main goals of this ceremony is:

  • Generate a set of necessary keys for signing the Saudi TLDs based on the approved/governing procedure.
  • Demonstrate transparency and professionalism which will increase confidence in SaudiNIC work. Also to ensure the level of security in following all the steps in the practices and procedures.
  • Provide a means for the community to ensure that the keys is being used by SaudiNIC is what was generated during the ceremony (based on witness attendance and procedure documentation).

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Governor for Information Technology and a number of executive directors in CITC in addition to SaudiNIC`s team (total 14 persons). These are the next major steps that should follow the ceremony:
  • Signing the Saudi domain names zone files officially and verifying the validity of the signature.
  • Publishing the keys that will be used for signatures in coordination with the competent international authorities.

Here are some pictures of the event: