Procedures Governing Reserved Names Under Saudi Domain Names

Version 1.0 Date 10/5/1431 H (24/4/2010)

1 - Scope of procedures

This document establishes procedures for creating a list of reserved names under Saudi domain names, and a mechanism for managing this list.

2 - Definitions

The terms and expressions defined in the Telecommunication Act, its bylaws and the Regulations for Saudi Domain Name Registration shall have the same meaning in this document. In addition, the words and expressions set hereunder in this document shall have the meanings assigned below:

  • Domain name: a word or phrase used to access Internet services, rather than the numerical address.
  • Reserved name: a word or phrase that is prohibited to be used in Saudi domain names, according to the criteria set in these procedures.
  • The List: a list of reserved names prepared under these procedures.

3 - List of Reserved names

3/1 SaudiNIC establish the List that includes reserved names in the following categories:

  1. Geographical: such as names of cities, governorates, regions and countries.
  2. Absolute numbers and letters: This includes any one letter or any group of 5 digits or less.
  3. Confusing: words or terms that include critical text such as (وزارة, ministry), (سعودي, Saudi), or (bank, بنك) etc.
  4. Religious: It includes names of religions and sects, sacred places, names and attributes of Allah and the names of the prophets and apostles
  5. Inappropriate: It includes words and terms that present an attack on the religion, homeland, or other persons, or they offend public decency.
  6. Special for domain name registration services: It includes words and terms that are reserved under the international standards related to domain name registration service, such as names related to the use of the SaudiNIC or its tasks or services.
  7. Other: This includes words and terms that are not in any of  the previous classifications, such as names of celebrities, tribes, and public figures.

3/2 In the preparation of the List SaudiNIC may make use of registries reserved lists of other countries.

3/3 A reserved name shall not be registered under Saudi domain names.

3/4 SaudiNIC may reject to register a domain name or delete it if it contains a reserved name.

3/5 In case of adding a new reserved name to the List and there was a registered domain name contains the added reserved name, SaudiNIC will consider taking an appropriate actions regarding such registered domain name.

3/6 SaudiNIC, using the suitable means, may publish the List in whole or in part, or its classifications.

3/7 On exceptional cases, SaudiNIC, based on its recommendation and upon the approval of CITC governor, may approve the use of a reserved name without prejudice to its existence in the List.

3/8 Any natural person or legal entity may apply to add, delete, or exceptionally uses a Reserved Name from the List..

3/9 SaudiNIC presents applications before CITC governor with its recommendations. SaudiNIC then implements the related decisions.