Renew Domain Information Steps

Renew Domain Information helps SaudiNIC maintain an accurate and updated domain names information by displaying the domain information to the admin contact to review, and then decide wither to update those information or keep them if they are still valid.  If for any reason the domain information are not updated, the registration then is subject to the terms and conditions of  Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.

This service is one of the services initiated by SaudiNIC only for the domains already associated to an account, and it restricted to certain fields, the domain it self and the registrant information cannot be updated . 

 To follow is a listing of domain registration steps :

1- Sending the renew requests

The first step in renew domain information starts automatically by SaudiNIC systems where renew requests are created for any domain that did not got updated for more that one year, the requests are sent only to the admin contacts for the targeted domains, each request includes a link to the full information of the domain.

2- Verifying the domain information

The administrative contact must verify the domain information and then decide wither to update those information or keep them if they are still valid. in case his decision was to keep the existing information, the request will be sent to SaudiNIC for processing and all parties are notified. 

3- Update the domain information

In case the Administrative Contact decided to update the domain information, the important parts will be displayed to hem with the possibility to edit and update those information.

4- Review the domain information

The entire request information are displayed to the administrative contact in order to review them and confirm their accuracy and correctness and confirms that to continue, in the case of admin contact change, the new administrative contact must approve the request in the same way. 

5- Processing the request by SaudiNIC

After successfully completing all the previous steps the request is officially considered to be received by SaudiNIC. After that the processing procedure will start. The results of processing the request will be one of the following :

  1. if all the information are correct and all the requirements are met, the information will be updated.
  2. if the request is rejected, concerned parties are notified and the admin contact must update the information through the domain update procedure after completing all the requirements.


- The request is only considered to be received by SaudiNIC after the Administrative Contact approves it, otherwise it will not be considered to be received and will remains pending.
- Pending requests are rejected automatically after one week.
- All the correspondence regarding the request are sent to the account holder and the Administrative Contact.
- The implementation of any of the following procedures is considered a valid update to any domain : domain update, nominating a new admin and identity update.