Steps for managing the domain variants

This service aims to give a registrant of an Arabic domain name the capabilities to manage the whole set of domain name variants (which are somehow visually look identical to an already registered Arabic domain name) based on the supported language and variant stables. Domains variants are reserved for the original domain holder with the possibility of activating some of them at any time. This provision prevents phishing and other attacks .

The following is a brief explanation of this service steps:

Accessing the E-portal of SaudiNIC Services

All SaudiNIC services are provided electronically through the e-portal which can be access via the following links: ( or (سجل.السعودية) and then logging into the e-portal using your username and password. If you do not have a user then you can create a new user by creating a request using the service: creating an account.

1- Filling up the domain variants management form

The account holder can choose from or provide at most 10 possible domain variants per domain. SaudiNIC provides some tools to help generating the possible varints list for a domain name.

The account holder must make sure that the form is filled correctly and all errors are corrected prior to submission.

2- Review the request

All the information in the request are displayed to the  account holder in order to review them and confirm their accuracy and correctness. He/she can modify or even delete the request at this stage if needed .

By clicking on (submit) a link to the request information form will be sent to the Administrative Contact’s email address. He/she will be asked to approve the request.

3- Administrative Contact approval

The Administrative Contact must approve or reject the request. The Account Holder must coordinate with the Administrative Contact regarding this step and ensure that the Administrative Contact has all the needed information to be able to take his/her decision .

After completing all the above steps without errors, then the process will be automatically accepted and handled.


  • The request is only considered to be received by SaudiNIC after the Administrative Contact approves it, otherwise it will not be considered to be received and will remain pending.
  • All correspondences regarding the request are communicated to the account holder and the Administrative Contact.
  • If the Administrative Contact did not receive the activation message, the account holder can request resending it again.
  • Registrants, Administrative Contacts, and Account Holders requesting this service implicitly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.
  • This service can only be started from the users accounts, the   account holder must first sign up for an account in SaudiNIC website, that can be done by following the Steps for creating an account. After doing so and successfully activating the account,   account holders can start the steps of this service.