Steps for changing the secret question

Steps for changing the secret question

This service allows an Account Holder to change the secret question associated to his/her account. The secret question will be used to reset the account's password.

The following is a brief explanation of this service steps :


1- Filling up the secret question changing form

The first step in changing the secret question is to fill up the service form. The Account Holder must provide the new secret question and its correct answer along with the current password. The form must be filled correctly and all errors must be corrected prior to submission .

2- Activating the request by the account holder

After that, an activation message will be sent to the Account Holder's email address. The Account Holder must use the information in that message to activate the request. 


The change is done automatically and a notification message will be sent to the account holder email address.

If the Account Holder has not received the activation message, he/she can request resending it again.

The Account Holder can cancel the request if desired.

All users requesting this service implicitly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations and the Terms and conditions of using SaudiNIC's portal published in SaudiNIC's website.

This service can only be started from the users accounts, the  account holder must first sign up for an account in SaudiNIC website, that can be done by following the Steps for creating an account. After doing so and successfully activating the account,  account holders can start the steps of this service.