Steps for Sending additional information and documents to SaudiNIC

This procedure allows SaudiNIC to electronically initiate a request for more information and/or documents from any registrant. Most services are initiated by account holders except this procedure where SaudiNIC imitates it to officially request some information and/or documents from a registrant (through its Administrative Contact).

Then, the Administrative Contact is required to respond to the SaudiNIC’s request by sending the required information and documents within the time period determined by SaudiNIC and according to the means of communication or format specified by SaudiNIC.

The following is a brief explanation of this service steps :

Accessing the E-portal of SaudiNIC Services

All SaudiNIC services are provided electronically through the e-portal which can be access via the following links: ( or (سجل.السعودية) and then logging into the e-portal using your username and password. If you do not have a user then you can create a new user by creating a request using the service: creating an account.

1-SaudiNIC requests information or additional documents

SaudiNIC sends a request to the Administrative Contact to provide additional information or documents by sending him/her an email with a link that leads to a form for submitting required information or documents.

2- Filling up the service form

The Administrative Contact fills the received form. The Administrative Contact must make sure that the form is filled correctly and all errors are corrected prior to submission.

3- Uploading the documents

The Administrative contact then uploads the needed documents as requested by SaudiNIC. The documents must be uploaded in the proper electronic format as specified by SaudiNIC. The common formats accepted are (png, jpg, gif, Tiff, or PDF).

If the requested document is a letter, then it must be authenticated by the chamber of commerce ( in the case of local companies ) or a Saudi embassy ( in the case of international companies ) .

4- Review and confirm the request

The entire request information are displayed to the Administrative Contact in order to review and confirm their accuracy and correctness of the request before sending it to SaudiNIC.

5- Processing the request by SaudiNIC

After successfully completing all the previous steps the provided information and documents are officially considered to be received by SaudiNIC. After that the processing procedure will start. The results of processing the provided information and documents will be one of the following :

  1. Accepted. Then, the current Administrative Contact will be notified that the submitted provided information and documents fulfill SaudiNIC requirements.
  2. Rejected. Then, the current Administrative Contact will be notified with the reason.


  • If the Administrative Contact fails to provide the required information and documents within the provided period of time may cause suspension or/and deletion of the domain name according to the Saudi Domain Names Regulations.
  • All users requesting this service implicitly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Domain names Registration Regulations published in SaudiNIC's website.