Guideline Rules for writing Arabic IDNs under the IDN ccTLD (.السعودية)

Version 1.2 Date 1/1/1432 AH 07/12/2010


This document identifies all allowed code points to be used when registering a domain name within the IDN ccTLD (.السعودية) that was designated for the Arabic domain names in Saudi Arabia. This document also sets a number of guideline rules that help to write Arabic domain names correctly, taking into account issues related to the Arabic language as well as the Arabic script. The terms and expressions used in this document shall have the same definitions and meanings as in the Saudi Domain Names Registration Regulation document.

I. Permitted Characters and Symbols in writing an Arabic Label

Recommendations outlined in the RFC 5564 entitled: “Linguistic Guidelines for the Use of the Arabic Language in Internet Domains” will be followed. They are in line with the specifications put together and agreed upon by the Arab Team for domain names and Internet affairs, which operates under the umbrella of the League of Arab States.

It is an Arabic specification that SaudiNIC had participated majorly in drafting. It contains some recommendations for linguistic issues related to Arabic domain names and its language table. It is available on the following link:

Accordingly, the following characters and symbols (based on the Unicode standard) are the only permitted characters and symbols to be used in writing Arabic label under the IDN ccTLD (.السعودية):

II: Guideline Rules for writing Arabic Labels

Rule 1:

  • Diacritics are not allowed , Examples :
    سَجّل.السعودية Not Accepted
    سجل.السعودية Accepted

Rule 2:

  • No mixing between scripts (Arabic & Latin), Examples :
    موقع-SaudiNIC.السعودية Not Accepted
    SaudiNIC.السعودية Not Accepted

Rule 3:

  • Use of hyphen (instead of space) between words particularly if the 2 words will get connected , Examples :
    هيئةالاتصالات.السعودية Accepted
    هيئة-الاتصالات.السعودية Accepted
    مدارس-خيف.السعودية Accepted
    مدارسخيف.السعودية Not Accepted

Rule 4:

  • Hyphen cannot be used at the beginning or end of a label, and 2 or more consecutive hyphens are not allowed, Examples :
    -هيئةالاتصالات.السعودية Not Accepted
    هيئةالاتصالات-.السعودية Not Accepted
    هيئة--الاتصالات.السعودية Not Accepted

Rule 5:

  • Digits cannot be used at the beginning or end of a label Digits can be used inside a label from the 2 sets Arabic-Indic digits and Arabic digits without mixing, Examples :
    Not Accepted
    Not Accepted
    Not Accepted
    Not Accepted
  • It is permitted to register other variants of the domain name that can be formulated just by changing the digit set , Examples :

Rule 6:

  • It is permitted to register the Variants within the Language After registering a domain name that contains one or more of the confusingly similar characters, e.g :
    - ALEF MAKSURA and YEH at the end of a word
    - TEH MARBUTA and THE at the end of word
  • It is permitted to register the other variants names that can be created just by changing the confusingly similar characters provided that it does not infringe on the rights of others, Examples :
    شبكة-الأخبار.السعودية Accepted
  • It is permitted to register the other variants taking care of the consequences of the abovementioned condition, Examples :
    شبكة-الاخبار.السعودية Accepted with condition
    شبكه-الأخبار.السعودية Accepted with condition
    شبكه-الاخبار.السعودية Accepted with condition

Rule 7:

  • It is permitted to register the Variants within the Arabic Script that will allow the Arabic domain names to be used globally despite the fact that some other languages that use the Arabic script (such as Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, ...) might have characters that lock confusingly similar to some of the Arabic characters. This also takes care of the problem of having different input devices (e.g., keyboards) used within the Arabic script communities. SaudiNIC will provide an appropriate mechanism for dealing with domain names variants and it will enable access to the Arabic domain names even if they contained confusingly similar characters from languages that uses Arabic script (such as Farsi and Urdu). Examples :
    مكة.السعودية Accepted (all characters are from the Arabic Language)
  • It is permitted to register the other variants, Examples :
    مكة.السعودية Accepted (the letter KAF and THE MARBUTA are from Urdu)